Welcome to Midori Kitayama Massage House
An offer of shiatsu to have the visitor who valued true heart of Japan style satisfy is a motto.
Of course I have I enjoy elderly one from child because only a manual skill is a surgical
operation and receive it in peace.A muscle stiffens all  of you for excessive strain every day.
I suffer from chronic hardening when I give there a surgical operation of strong stimulationA
phenomenon feeling heavy at a body begins.With stress,not only mind but also a muscle
has strong influence.At first I am "relieved and" relax a heart.A muscle begins to melt
when I get rid of strain, and the blood circulation improves, and metabolism activates it,
and, as a result, a motivation appears because I raise immunity.
I am freed from stress when I relax a heart.


Open 9am - 8 pm. (Open all year.)
It is a regular holiday on Thursday. Front desk open for reservations at 9am.
operate for (a neck / a shoulder / a back / a waist / a pelvis / a foot / ) generally
throughout from head to foot.At this chance it is the course that is recommended
to an osukkirisasetai person by terrible stiffness in the shoulders.I become the
contents which take a good time for stiffness in the shoulders.
The first time is the next House person, but terrible stiffness in the shoulders
becomes chronic, and hoped for a lot of surgical operations is a recommended course





It is the Japan memory plan that a souvenir be accompanied, and did body maintenance of
70 minutes of a surgical operation and soft correction and a noren of a Japanese classic.
smart ukiyoe print from head to foot.
(I operate for (a neck / a shoulder / a back / a waist / a pelvis / a foot / ) generally throughout
 from head to foot.